Winged Beanie

Winged Beanie was an item sold in deviantGEAR shop.


December 22nd marks the first day of winter, a season that brings gusty winds, driving rains, and white-out snow storms. But fear not ... deviantART is here for you! Our new ‘Winged Beanies’ are guaranteed to help stave off the seasonal doldrums. Each beanie comes embroidered with a stylish dA logo design and is filled with love from us to you.

Still have someone left on your holiday shopping list? Give the gift of heat. We all know that body heat escapes through the head, so do yourself a favor and trap that heat with a dA beanie. Fashionable and practical.

For deviants who live in the southern hemisphere and are thinking, "Pft. Winter! Are you kidding? Summer's right around the corner. What do I need a beanie for?" Don't worry, beanies really are multi-purpose. Not only can they keep your head warm, but they're also perfect for unruly hair and unfortunately large ears.

Beanies for the win!


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$? ? ? Starting price

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