Wasabi Gum

Wasabi Gum was a T-shirt sold in deviantARTGear shop.


Having trouble with your Internet connection? Can't get your iPhone to download the latest software release? Is your message center stuck in v5? Don't call the Geek Squad, take charge with new Hi-Tech Chewing Gum!

DeviantWEAR and Kligo Brand have teamed up to bring you 12 sticks of megaenhanced flavored gum. Imported from Japan, it represents the latest trend in Japanese cultural fads. Chew our all-natural gum while performing any kind of technical task and be amazed by how quickly and efficiently the job gets done!

Hi-Tech Chewing Gum is 100% guaranteed to ...

- improve download speeds - find the nearest WiFi hotspot - hotwire cars - seamlessly mount plasma TVs on walls - and much more!

Now available in new, wasabi flavor!

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration because you're buying a SHIRT. This revolutionary 'gum' won't actually advance your brain's technological state, but it will make you a more awesome deviant. Guaranteed.)


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$20 1500  ? -
$12 960  ? -

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