I spotted these 2 Deviantart journals writen originally in 2006 and since the Internet archive don't archive them. I posted them here if it don't cause too much inconvience.==Zcat6's words... ==

Hey there Butch Hartman fans,

Recently we have had to ban a person from the forum who exhibited child predator-like behavior. I won't go into the details, but upon extensive investigation and discussion with the BHF staff, we felt it was important to make this announcement to all our members. We are providing the user's information along with a list of his followers from exploitative websites in the hopes that all of you can be prepared if you are ever approached by any of these individuals.

Please all: be safe. If anyone on the Internet ever makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, BLOCK them and notify your parents immediately. If the same thing happens on the forum here, alert a staff member at once. We strive to create a kid-safe and family-friendly environment on the Official Butch Hartman forum, and we have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of abusive or exploitative behavior against children (or anyone) here.

As always, please feel free to contact me or any staff member with any questions or concerns.

~Zcat6 Admin.

Forum Username: Darky Other names: DarkDP, CommodoreGC, DarkDP64 IP: Yahoo! Messenger: darkdp64 (recently banned for pedophilic activities) MSN Messenger: AIM screen name: DarkDP64 Email 1: Email 2:

Associated individuals/ usernames: Amishadows Angelus_Sazuhara2922 applesmack8 Banshee61600 bobbyc22_2002 chris_800123 ckyfan247 crion37 Dannyandharryaremine333 darkblaze06 darkdp64 deadmewtwo demon-girl dingos_ate_my_baby_37 Divine_Fire_Wolf dpobsessedgirl DrAB embermclane3214 fflintstone5 GGXWatercolor half_xendpalien hasukawa_13 hockeygurl287 InSearchofLostWings InsertNameHere jensweeti josefbrann Judai_Yuki kagome_hot kaiba79820 kartpot knightfire31 kratosgirl15 lab1152 lcwhite80 Leile_Foxgirl liam_the_1 Lily_Rocher loisgriffinaddict Loisgriffinaddict longsworderx lunaris_celestius lunator mahlan13 major9686 MarieBlack07 mcwwin7 Me_4evah megaultra2 michy609 NC-17Lover nemo14513 nickgipson2004 nightmare32591 noctem01aeternus ntug12 OmegaAnsen orgazmo1fan oujia-phantom-wolf ozgoodthree phantom_wolf PhantomJersey PhantomKira Porcelain-Postmortem Puppzze Ramuk randy_phantom11 Red_Rose5 registerboy82 riccool11 rolla_roach Rufus_22 sengo22000 shining_seviper SLIM Snick422 Soiny_Rose solidsnake2685 soniclegends82 Spartan_117 ssj4buu2000 stopsignsareblue studentjpz tails0072895 takatos_lover the1returne Toonie toonspew tsmegafan88 unknown_57 unknown_luvr76 vellgeo watercolor1984 Weevil_Underwood wwffan7774 wwfan7385 x93gv xavier_von_doom xSewmymouth_shut xxcoconutxx your1hot1chick zephyiris

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Danny Phantom Online Forums: [link]

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These are all the people she accusing and most of these artist do not draw nasty bits...

Amy 14 Comments    [1] ~PoellePhantom May 30, 2006 0_o WOW! thats a whole lot!..... ._. i can't believe it......thats just...insane!....hmm.... tis a shame realy.[2] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 30, 2006 tell me about it.[3] ~PoellePhantom May 30, 2006 i dunno even why my username is on there......unless... i don't use my FAC acount anymore so i gave it to my bro to fav and comment on what he wants...0.o i'm going to have to tell the admins that... *dashes off*[4] ~AlucardHemlock May 30, 2006 Its simply disgusting to see that she is coming after other people. DarkDP and none of the people who support him never were pedophiles and its even horrifying to see that this tyrant has gone so far as to single out other DP fans in such a manner.

Dead account is Dead.[5] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 30, 2006 yeah I know. WE are not Pedophiles!!!! None of us...[6] ~AlucardHemlock May 30, 2006 I'd like to see her get taken to court for slander. She gives other DP fans a bad name. She may even go so far as to attack other people simply for creating an OC based off of mythology!

I may end up leaving the Butch Hartman forums since I don't believe I am granted that many artistic freedoms on that messageboard.

Dead account is Dead.[7] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 30, 2006 you really arn't I sent her a note...Iam leave it as well...[8] ~AlucardHemlock May 30, 2006 If there are going to be childish people like zcat6 abusing their power and influence, then I may leave as well. Its just like one of those so called "popular" high schoolers spreading rumors about other people for no reason.

Dead account is Dead.[9] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 30, 2006 yeah really. She is being chilish about this and I think what it is ,is that she thinks she is apart of ButchHartman's possie or some she can use that power to put fear into kids and slander DP fans...[10] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 30, 2006 yeah really. She is being chilish about this and I think what it is ,is that she thinks she is apart of ButchHartman's possie or some she can use that power to put fear into kids and slander DP fans...[11] ~AlucardHemlock May 30, 2006 I know what you mean and a part of me is actually a bit reluctant to post any of my OCs because of political or religious reasons (Kaizar being the political reason and Lucifer being the religious reason.) in fear of getting banned by those who attack wiccans in a biased manner. Of course, there's a fan of my work who had an avatar of a Russian flag, so if he could do something like that, then I can draw something with a pentacle and I have been doing so for the past year ever since I joined deviantart and fanart-central.

Dead account is Dead.[12] ~Obi-quiet May 31, 2006 Have you contacted her? I mean, tell her that you are offended that just because you were in contact with this person does not mean that you yourself should be considered "in league" with him. That is a very harsh accusation and if she has no proof except that you had a contact with this person, then she shouldn't have said or done that.

I'm sure she had her reasons, but things can be taken too far. Obviously.

Heres to hoping everything gets sorted out correctly. [13] !ElThespioDerDramatis May 31, 2006 thank you Obi yeah I did but a doubt that she will listen...I wish she would stop taking things so far.[14] ~Obi-quiet May 31, 2006 Well, I think it's just her way of trying to make sure everything stays safe. She may be going about it in an overboard fashion, but I think she feels very responsible for everything that goes on there, and thus takes everything personally. I don't think she means to take it that far.

I coudln't complain about her taking things too far either, seeing as I'm kind of on the obsessed side myself...I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt though. I've never been in a position where that's could get people in trouble though. She is.

Well, wether she listens or not, I do think you should contact her. My personal opinion. Wether you do or not, good luck. 

Zcat6's reply to me


If I remember correctly, I believe you are a minor. This man is 42 and is a certifiable child predator and pedophile who is currently being investigated by police. He lives to brainwash kids into thinking that X-rated "art" is "fine." He has broken at least three federal laws regarding possession and dissemination of child p-orn to minors and enticing them to X-rated "erotic" role plays.

Of course he is "nice." All the best child predators are. How do you think they draw in their victims? By being gross and lewd? No. By being charismatic and charming. I'm truly sorry that he fooled you with his smooth talking.

People on the Internet are often not what they seem. Some will use all their personable skills to manipulate you into believing what they want you to believe. Look at his "art" - really look at it (molestation, incest, gang rape) then tell me that you feel in your heart there is nothing wrong with those sorts of images. Look past the fact that he is a good artist and see the p-orn that is there for what it is. It is truly sad, too, that he would abuse and insult such talent by using it to produce such smut.

Remember too that he is a consummate liar. Talk to some of his former "friends" for proof of that. He is also no fan of the show. Like most predators, he uses something that has an innate draw for young kids, like cartoons, to lure in his victims. When Danny gets old, he'll simply move onto the next hit cartoon and start all over again.

As for the show's cancellation, it is people like this who ruin the show's image, not those of us who are maintaining the standard Mr. Hartman and Nickelodeon have set for it. Whose head is where now?

I would also recommend that you talk to your parents about this immediately. Show them these images that you are supporting and see what they think about all this. They have your best interests at heart.

It's okay that you were ignorant of his motives. He used and abused a lot of people, many of whom were fooled by his silver tongue. It's time now to open your eyes and see for yourself what he really is and to educate yourself to prevent your falling into this trap again in the future.

I also recommend that you visit this site which will define both the law, and give you ammunition so that you do not get taken in as a victim again. [link]

Educate yourself before you shoot off your mouth. We expose people like this to protect people like you.

I am not banning you yet because you are obviously just another innocent young female victim of this pedophile. Please talk to your parents about this as soon as you can and AIM me at shadowcat6 if you wish to discuss this further.

Regards, Zcat Admin.


   PROTECT ME?!!!! MINOR!!!! SMOOTH TALKING WTF?!!!!!! And the worse part is , is her and I are going to have a heated argument later...I can't believe I have been part of the BH forms  for 2 years and she hadn't fighured out that Iam 19 goin on 20...?! How old does this girl think I am 10? WTH!!!!! She can't protect me from he lies...she doesn't even know this person and she want to protect me by insulting not once, but tiwice?! OMG

Rant over,

Amy 4 Comments   [15] ~Obi-quiet May 31, 2006 Well, a lot of the people she does deal with are younger. It took her several months to realize that I'm over 21. However, it does sound like she has proof that this guy isn't that good.

And if nothing else comes of this, at least you can't say you didn't try. Thank you for taking my advice. I feel much love now.

I really really really hate to play the devil's advocate, but I was curious as to how long you have known this person? Have you ever met him in person?[16] ~PoellePhantom May 31, 2006 hmmmm.....more interesting info.... i'm not going to get into this arguement though, i'll keep my thoughts to myself. but it would be rather funny if they found out this kid is just a 19 year old guy who likes to draw 'slash' art. then who do you say is wrong? .... but i'm still not getting into this mess,.... i know one of my friends has bee ranting about this too, she is only 14 though.[17] ~PhantomKUZ9 Jul 5, 2006  Student Writer All of this junk gives me a headache...

...And now I remember why I hate you humans sometimes... Or most times...

I hear that this guy was being investigated by the police before Zcat noticed him. And there are actual VICTIMS of his who are ready to testify against him in court.

Take it or leave it. I don't care anymore.

... ...... .........Why am I here again...?[18] !ElThespioDerDramatis Jul 5, 2006 Yeah.... I give me a headache too that is why well came up with my own bord and no I don't talk to darky any more, but zcat6 has been banning ppl like crazy.

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