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    Mike Duggan related news

    November 5, 2013 by Sd-100

    I saw this comment on this article from the Washington Post about the mayoral candiate of Detroit, Mike Duggan posted by a guy nicknamed George210 then I decided to quote.

    11/4/2013 3:14 PM GMT-0500"Conyers, the Democratic congressman, endorsed Napoleon late last month, telling voters he supports the sheriff “because he is one of us,”

    When are we going to start calling out people for statements like this, and demanding the same mea culpas as a white man would endure? Shameful.

    George210 got an very good point.

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    I saw this post made by a (former?) user nicknamed Verixas92. So I thought of saving it and repost it here since the Internet Archive Wayback Machine don't archive them, sorry for the inconvience.

    "....Sooooo, I posted something stating how I resolutely refuse to pay for a woman's abortion. If I had my financial autonomy, you'd never squeeze a penny out of me towards funding abortion. Not a single penny. I stated how it was wrong that abortion, in the UK, for example, was funded by tax payer's money, and what we can do about that. I noticed how the same feminists that advocate for the state to not intervene with a woman's uterus, to my dismay, we're also the same peop…

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    I spotted these 2 Deviantart journals writen originally in 2006 and since the Internet archive don't archive them. I posted them here if it don't cause too much inconvience.==Zcat6's words... ==
    • by !ElThespioDerDramatis, May 30, 2006, 6:53:25 PM
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    Hey there Butch Hartman fans,

    Recently we have had to ban a person from the forum who exhibited child predator-like behavior. I won't go into the details, but upon extensive investigation and discussion with the BHF staff, we felt it was important to make this announcement to all our members. We are providing the user's information along with a list of his followers from exploitative websites in the hopes that all of you can be prepared if…

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