• Nokeo

    Hello, since the adoption I did a lot of updating. This is a short blog post to inform the community about what was changed!

    • Probably one of the most vissible changes are updates wiki colors. We are using official DA colors that were noted by spyed in this journal.
    • Wiki Rules have been updated
    • The only admin and beaurocrat on the wiki is me (Nokeo), rights were removed from other users for wiki safety. (I also have the rights of chatmoderator and rollback)
    • Finally the main page was updated. The main page also has the new DA colors. The page will be updated each month with a new poll and a new feature.
    • Also, the link to DA wiki group on DA from the main page was removed because I don't have any access to it. So, for now the group has absolutely …

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  • Nokeo

    Blogy blogy blog

    February 7, 2013 by Nokeo

    Hello everyone. Thought I will write a quick blog and ask for your opinion. :) What do you think of this wiki? What should be improved/added/repaired? Also I'm looking how to promote this wiki anyone haves any suggestions?

    Feel free to leave your opinions and suggestions in comments

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