Trollface Knapsack

dA Icon Keychain is a collectable sold in deviantGEAR shop.


To be a true troll, you need to carry around a lot of stuff. Markers, to draw on people’s faces when they fall asleep. Padlocks, to snap on various items that don’t need to be padlocked. Sidewalk chalk, to give confused tourists misinformation about your town. You get the picture. Now get your own Trollface knapsack to contain all your devious goodies! Special thanks to our guest model, ~SindelChaos for bringing the Trollface collection to life with her rockin' style.


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$10 800 - -
$5 400 - -
$3.75 300 2012-07-21 25% off ALL Bags, Hoodies, and Jackets

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