Top Hat Pullover Hoodie

Top Hat Pullover Hoodieis a hoodie sold in deviantARTGear shop.


Top Hat “Steampunk” art transports you to an alternate reality where life is stylized a bit differently than our own reality. This intriguing and sometimes magical world is a popular sub-genre of sci-fi and fantasy where beautiful Victorian styling meets the geared complexity of machines powered by steam. This graphic illustration is an homage to the inspirational fantasy world of steampunk.

This design is also available as a Top Hat T-Shirt.

Learn more about the artistic process behind creating Top Hat !

Staff Favorite: "I immediately fell in love with this design's strategic chaos. The combination of its cool industrial edge and organic roundness forms such a perfect background for the dapper skull in his winged top hat. His intelligent gaze from behind his monocle declares, 'I'm an artist and ideas are afoot.'" -- $y2jenn


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$45 3600 ? -

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