Sunset Burner Pullover Hoodie

Sunset Burner Pullover Hoodieis a hoodie sold in deviantARTGear shop.


Sunset Burner Graffiti is an art form that often abstracts the letters of words to the verge of illegibility to most, but it is the unique styles of the letters that makes the piece successful. For those not versed in the art form of graffiti, this piece says “deviantART,” and it is illustrated in a style called "Wildstyle," where interlocking letters, bars, and arrows give it a complex composition and an energetic flow. This piece is printed on an icy-grape colored Hoodie, with the color scheme flowing harmoniously between the art and the background.

This design is also available as a Sunset Bruner T-Shirt.

Staff Favorite: "Sunset Burner is a great abstract graffiti piece. It really represents the wildstyle graffiti of LA, New York, and San Francisco. The color scheme is a great mix of a dramatic sunset on a deserted beach. You might think it's a little hard to read at first glance, but once you really look at the modern/futuristic shapes, it actually becomes legible, and the style is spot on. This is definitely one of my favorite shirts we have made on deviantART." -- $bionikdesign


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$45 3600 ? -

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