This is the site news and bug fixes page that was posted on September 7th 2012.
Site Update



​One of the most common requests from the community has been to update deviantART's mobile site. By popular demand, we just launched a brand new version of the mobile site to Beta Testers! The new site is compatible with mobile browsers on the iPhone and Android. WriterEdit

  • The sidebar now looks cleaner when loading screens, and has a loading indicator.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The Wallpaper link in the main menu led to a broken page in some browsers.
  • The Share tool for Facebook occasionally failed to fetch pages correctly for some deviations/users.
  • The Edit button at the top of user Portfolios was barely visible.
  • Super Group upgrades were unavailable over the weekend.
  • Ads on some deviation pages very briefly caused issues with the display of those deviations.
  • After the previously mentioned changes to moderation report notifications were implemented, issues were discovered regarding the ability of the user who filed the ticket to communicate with the Help Desk over tickets that required further information. This issue has since been taken care of.
  • The displayed total for withdrawn user profits was not accurate under some rare conditions.


  • login was briefly unavailable.
  • If a user didn't agree to the submission agreement on first upload, the page title would be set to "undefined".
  • When opening a stack in a new tab from the "View" button, the new tab would load the topmost item instead of the stack.
  • Opening a page containing many items, viewing an item shortly after opening that page, then going back to the root/folder could result in many items disappearing from view.
  • After arrow-navigation or editing an item, the title and description on items would become unclickable.
  • When viewing a public stack, clicking on the title would open two pages.
  • Custom PCP licenses wouldn't save upon pressing Save & Exit.
  • All settings related to publishing an item to dA (downloadability, sharing, critique, resizing, category, etc.) are no longer displayed on or applied to items. These settings become effective once the piece is published to deviantART. WriterEdit

  • Any journal CSS rule that takes a color value can now use an RGBA value.
  • Opening the Journal Extras box in Writer wouldn't adjust the height of the Writer box.
  • Contents of the deviantWATCH list were breaking out from the Friends dropdown.
  • Some skinned journals were rendering off the left edge of the screen.
  • The "Upload Files" button in the sidebar would sometimes jump to the left when clicked.


  • Files were not properly saved (or sometimes did not prompt to save) when a user left the page.
  • The smudge brush could overuse CPU, leading to crashed browsers on some systems.
  • Fixed error detection and user notification of certain save errors caused by intermittent network connectivity.

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