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This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on September 14th 2012.



deviantART made two major changes to film on deviantART! First, film is now fully compatible with and the submission process, allowing you to store and post film deviations directly from your . Secondly, the film player has been overhauled, and the film deviation page has been updated and rebuilt to match the same layout other deviations have, for consistency, ease of use, and better overall appearance. Read more

dA made some awesome enhancements to deviantART muro as well! We've added several new tools, including the heavily requested Magic Wand tool! This comes with several enhancements to the overall selection and edit menu tools. Also added deviantART muro integration to Writer, allowing you to select and edit images in Writer documents directly in deviantART muro.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • On the Browse page, thumbnails did not always properly display in older browsers, such as Safari 5.0 and older, or Chrome 11 and older.
  • The top and bottom borders for transparent thumbnails looked misaligned in IE9 .
  • The ellipsis-based title cut off looked wrong on some thumbs. This has been changed to allow titles to force the width of the box.
  • The "background box" behind the thumbnails looked bad on backgrounds other than deviantART's standard color, such as on custom CSS in galleries and faves. It is now a slightly transparent white, so it blends with custom CSS better.
  • Stored deviations would show a 404 error for their creators.
  • The Share button for Tumblr would open the Tumblr share tool in both a popup window and the original deviation window.
  • Margins on some types of journal deviation pages were either too wide or too narrow.
  • On deviation pages, the text box on the Share modal for notes did not scroll.
  • Usernames were briefly not appearing under thumbnails in member Galleries and Favourites.
  • oAuth app registrations lacked callback url whitelist requirements.
  • Some Groups were unable to update blog rules text field for blog module when configured with specific combination of permissions.

Muro Edit

  • Improper attribution and avatars would occur during Redraw playback. Edit

  • Uploading from the File menu wasn't working.
  • The £ character wasn't displaying properly in item descriptions and Writer items.
  • Zoomed-in images weren't displayed as big as they should have been. Writer Edit

  • RGBA is now allowed in more CSS rules for journal skins, notably borders.
  • The friends picker in the Writer sidebar would occasionally overflow.
  • Writer's page height would not adjust when a member clicked Journal Extras.
  • Adding emoticons sometimes triggered a new line.
  • Dragging in an emoticon put it in a pointless list.
  • The Writer scrollbar would occasionally be too tall.
  • Emoticons had the pencil menu and up/down arrows, which were unnecessary.

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