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This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on September 13th, 2013.



  • Update to the Deviation Page

During the past month, we've been testing a number of changes to deviation pages. As the tests were ongoing, we monitored performance and community feedback, allowing us to make adjustments and improvements along the way. Thanks to such feedback, we've further improved the deviation page and have just released the latest updates sitewide.

Changes include making More From This Artist more prominent, renaming More Like This to More From deviantART and moving it beneath More From This Artist, as well as a visual uplift to the sidebar as a whole.

Screen shot 2013 09 10 at 12 37 14 pm by wreckling-d6lso5r

  • Share Bigger Artwork on Facebook

When you share deviations, journals, galleries, or Collections on Facebook, the preview images are now bigger than before, to help draw more attention to the art!

Bug fixesEdit


  • Gallery Folder icons were not properly aligned for deviants viewing their own gallery, making it difficult to edit one's folders.
  • Some messages in the Group Activity section of the Message Center displayed an "Unable to display membership status" error.
  • The "New Folder" button appeared in Gallery subfolders, even though it could not be be used there.
  • The arrow menu on messages in the Message Center would sometimes extend off of the page.
  • If a deviant created a folder and named it "Featured", that folder would not display. / SubmitEdit

  • Deleting the last item in a stack wouldn't delete the stack.
  • On the Submit page, hovercards would display inside the "Select File from" modal.
  • Long titles would break the layout of when displayed inside modals (such as the "Select File from" modal).
  • "No Preview" thumbnails would not display properly when displayed inside modals.
  • When editing a item's title, it was possible to drag and drop images into the edit box, leading to broken-looking titles until the mouse was moved away from that file's thumbnail.
  • When merging one stack into another stack through's delta API, it was unclear which stack was merged and which stack was kept. WriterEdit

  • Writer would appear when adding or editing descriptions in, and on the Submit page.

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