This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on October 4th, 2013.



  • New Username Symbols

With 13,000 new deviants joining deviantART each day, we want to ensure everyone's user experience is seamless. A common question from new and old deviants alike is: "What do username symbols mean?" Over the years, as we’ve surveyed deviants, we’ve found that very few understand symbols.

As part of our ongoing process to make the user experience cleaner and more intuitive, we've launched a new set of username symbols designed to help easily identify deviant-types.

Screen shot 2013 09 27 at 1 33 22 pm by danlev-d6o5v7i

  • Deviant and Art Mentions: Connecting People

Mentions are a new, highly requested feature that notifies you when you are mentioned or featured by other deviants! In addition, you can now link to deviants by using the @ symbol!

When browsing by Artists while viewing More Like This results, you will now see a cleaner layout that places more focus on the art, making it easier than ever for you to get lost in a world of art and artists that interest you.

  • Updated Internal and External Links

Links on deviantART have been updated to be clearer! Links to other deviantART pages can now be distinguished by their bold, dark-blue color, while external links are darker and have an arrow indicating you are leaving deviantART. This distinction is to clarify when a link leads outside of deviantART, helping to ensure that your experience on deviantART is a safe and pleasant one.

Bug fixesEdit


  • Timestamps were not displaying in the exif data of a deviation.
  • The Points pricing was missing when purchasing a 1 month Premium Membership.
  • The Report Violation section on deviation pages was briefly not functioning.
  • A very small number of videos uploaded through were not playing properly.
  • Printing a page on deviantART or would resulted in an unstyled page print. SubmitEdit

  • For a short period, links were not accessible to logged-out users. 
  • Clicking on the logo while already on the main page would change the page's title to "undefined".
  • When inside a stack, the "Draw in deviantART muro" button would not be clickable.
  • One could accidentally click "Save & Exit" on scheduled submissions, which would remove the scheduling.
  • Items uploaded to wouldn't display as "Submitted with". 


  • This is the first site update posted with a new journal skin.

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