This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on October 31st, 2013.


deviantART muroEdit

  • The "Adjust" tab now has access to the zoom/pan navigator. WriterEdit

  • Updated the list of Google Webfonts.

Bug fixesEdit


  • Paging and subsections navigation was broken on the Shop tab of profiles.
  • The Notes banner ad was updated to match the Message Center style. 
  • Hovering over thumbnail text of deviation that included accented characters was not displayed correctly.
  • A blank ad sidebar was displayed for Premium Members.
  • Timezones were added to the "date taken" section on photo deviations. 
  • The sale price calculator on the Commissions widget was only displaying 3 digits in Safari.
  • When editing deviantID widget data, users can not expand deviantID biography section without having to scroll.
  • Configuration of Featured deviation widget erroneously showed journals as available for display.
  •'s PDF Viewer was briefly broken down.
  • "Change Avatar" was not previewing the changed image in the deviantID widget.


  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites were being sent the wrong image size when sharing deviations on those social networks.
  • The "move" API was broken.
  • Opening a stack and then uploading to it would have the new items added to the root.
  • Misleading alerts and error messages would sometimes appear when leaving a page. WriterEdit

  • Typing "@username" wasn't allowing [no longer valid] usernames that started or ended with a dash.
  • Fixed some issues with the screen jumping around in Safari while using the "Add Media" toolbar for comments.
  • Several issues relating to user symbols in text thumbnails causing to not render.

See alsoEdit

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