This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on October 18th, 2013.



  • On your Earnings page, transactions now include a clickable title of the Print, Commission, or Paid Download.

Bug fixesEdit


  • It was impossible to edit widgets while in Edit Page mode.
  • Links that pointed directly to the outgoing link page would not register as external links.
  • Some notification pop-ups could not be closed.
  • Various changes were made to the new username symbols to improve consistency and overall site layout.
  • Transparent deviations would not render correctly in Gallery and Favourites folders.
  • Clicking on a username in the "All Watchers" modal of the Watchers widget on Profile Pages would break the modal.


  • Comment pagination was missing on items. WriterEdit

  • Pasting non-HTML text into a deviation or item description would cause text to display incorrectly, for Beta Testers.
  • For Beta Testers, links inserted via the "Link" section of Writer's toolbar would erroneously display as [link] if entered without adding a title.

See alsoEdit

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