This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on November 9th 2012.

Site Update



  • Improvements were made to user data validation when purchasing items.
  • Banned and deactivated accounts now display an error page and return a "This account is inactive" message.
  • Suspended accounts now display an error page and return a "This deviant has been suspended" message.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • When on Browse in one's own Gallery, the page would act as though the deviation order could be changed.
  • When submitting or editing Prints , disabling the first size of product type would appear to disable the entire entire product type.
  • Text wrapping was flawed in some areas.
  • Several improvements were made to modals throughout the site.
  • For a brief period, the Submission Policy, +Watch and deviation picker modals had errors in Internet Explorer.
  • Help information on the Shop page would render off page.
  • The deactivation process was briefly not working.
  • Some visual aspects of site were non functional in IE8 .
  • Improvements were made to usability for most modals on the mobile site .
  • An incorrect sensor size would show for some images taken with Canon cameras.
  • Scrolling on deviation pages using a mouse's middle click would incorrectly be interpreted as dragging the art into one's Favourites.
  • When giving a Badge or Points in Opera , the "done" button did not work.
  • The current balance display on the Points page would not update after using the "give Points" modal.

More Like This Edit

  • Some users with saved browse settings that are no longer in use would experience internal server errors. Edit

  • A horizontal scroll bar would appear on zoomed-in items of a certain size.
  • Logging out of did not always log out of deviantART. Writer Edit

  • In Writer's sidebar, thumbs would jump to the side if dragged.
  • Writer would incorrectly detect random text as HTML tags.
  • Double spacing after a URL in journals would make the word that followed disappear.
  • Image alignment problems would occur header tags.
  • The "Add Link" toolbar item wouldn't close correctly.

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