This is site bug fixes page that was posted on November 30th, 2013.

Bug fixesEdit


  • The login modal would not appear on some pages, which would instead redirect logged out deviants to the login page.
  • When a Group Gallery had only one publicly visible folder and other folders visible only to certain Group Administrators, the Gallery was still displayed in rows for all deviants.
  • Some transparent .png deviations were not properly detected as transparent.
  • When creating a new folder in one's Notes, two folders with the same name would be created, instead of just one.
  • The displayed file size of a literature deviation would not change after being updated with a larger file size.
  • Group Notes were briefly inaccessible to Group administrators.
  • The Purchase modal for downloadable content would display twice when logging in with a new account. / SubmitEdit

  • For Beta Testers, an error would occur when moving one stack into another stack that already contained a stack inside of it with the same name.
  • Publishing Journals to Groups could trigger a "Please try again later - Uncaught Exception" alert. WriterEdit

  • Some promotional deviantART messages were not displaying correctly or closing properly.
  • When commenting on a item in Firefox while on a smaller screen, the text area would be cut off.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, extra blank spaces at the end of a comment would be replaced with an HTML line break.
  • When using the Add Media tool to write a deviation description, the auto-save function would trigger very frequently and cause performance issues.
  • Under some conditions, pasting a broken URL into Writer would cause errors when trying to view that document after saving.

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