This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on November 22nd 2012.

Site Update



In October, More Like This was launched to all Premium Member , with an additional limited preview open to all deviantART members. If you've used More Like This, you may have noticed that sometimes you might stumble upon results that aren't as accurate as other results. Today, we're giving the community the ability to improve those More Like This results! 

While using More Like This, if you run into results that aren't as relevant as we'd like them to be, you'll see a small notice above those results. Click "help us improve these results" to begin teaching More Like Thiswhichresults are more relevant.

Help Improve More Like This 1

This tool will present you with a starting deviation and two sets of results. After reviewing both sets, you can choose which set is more accurate, if they're both accurate, or if neither are accurate.

Help Improve More Like This 2

Your input on these tests will help dA to provide an even better browsing experience through More Like This, and your help in doing so is greatly appreciated!

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The "send a note" button on Profile Pages was not working in Firefox.
  • The background color of the Purchase modal for Premium Content was incorrect.
  • The sign up page's background color was incorrect.
  • Thumbcodes for Literature deviations with no preview image could not be used in dAmn.
  • EXIF data on deviation pages sometimes contained strange characters.
  • Connections to dAmn would sometimes stay open after the browser was closed, when using Firefox 14+ and the dAmn XPCOM extension.
  • The dAmn XPCOM Extension was not compatible with Firefox 17.

deviantART muro Edit

  • A handful of text brush bugs reported by Beta Testers were fixed.
  • Some of the menus were misaligned in Firefox. Edit

  • The limit for allowed stacks was too low.
  • When uploading multiple items, the thumbnails would overlap.
  • The link to download the ZIP file of a stack was too low and would create an unnecessary scrollbar. WriterEdit

  • New buttons have been added on images added from the Writer sidebar, to replace the pencil menu.
  • When creating CSS for Journal Skins, font weights wouldn't work when using a numeric value.
  • For comments, errors occurred when certain HTML was copied and pasted into a comment.
  • The "conversation" tab in the sidebar for comments would not include the first page of comments on the file.
  • Collapsing a comment would break parts of the toolbar.
  • There were several sidebar issues in Internet Explorer.

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