Site Update
This is site bugs fixes and updates page that was posted on May 3rd, 2013.



  • Cosmetic changes were made to labels on the Sign Up and Login pages and modals.
  • The Sell page was updated to include all the products users can sell on deviantART.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The SitBack button was not consistent between the Browse page and Profile Galleries.
  • Deleting old Journal entries resulted in one's deviation total decreasing by 2. 
  • Username changes did not update the alphabetical sort on the friends page, and would instead show the updated username where the old username would go.
  • There was an issue where an "upgrade browser" banner would display in Internet Explorer 8, a supported browser.
  • Reloading one's browser while on the Give Premium Membership page would cause an incorrect price of the selected item to display.
  • For some deviants, the orange progress bar of the Donation widget did not display properly.
  • The "Previous" and "Next" buttons would not work, when trying to view more deviations from a Profile's Gallery widget than were displayed inside the widget itself.
  • Zooming in on an image in one's Portfolio would not show the full size image.
  • The Help Desk's Contact page incorrectly claimed that the most recent version of the Opera browser is unsupported.
  • When browsing deviations from the Message Center and then returning to the Message Center using 'All' button, only three stacks would be visible in an IE browser.
  • There was a small cosmetic issue with Profile widgets.
  • For Internet Explorer users, when browsing deviations from the Message Center and then clicking the browser's Back button, the deviantART homepage would display instead of the Message Center.
  • The "Notify" update Devwatch Messages from some very popular users were delivered to only a small subset of watchers under some circumstances.
  • Group Messages could not be accessed from the Message Center of the mobile site.
  • The API would occasionally time out for deviants with a large amount of files in their
  • For deviations flagged as Mature Content or with Sharing options disabled, their thumbnails did not match their backgrounds.
  • The Manage Wishlist page was visually updated.
  • Issues were encountered with links in descriptions for some literature deviations.
  • Dragging to collect thumbnails from the More Like This on deviation pages was not working correctly.
  • There were some display issues with the oAuth "Authorize application" screen.
  • The "Choose a Deviation" modal would not appear on a Group's Gallery page after selecting "Contribute an Existing Deviation" from the Submit menu.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • Redraws would sometimes not play properly, if third party cookies were disabled.
  • In a very rare case, the color picker could get "stuck" on black.
  • Due to a bug in the Chrome browser, changing zoom settings could cause the checkerboard background (used to show transparency of your drawing) to be drawn in the wrong place. / SubmitEdit

  • When uploading a non-image file in Chrome, a broken thumbnail would be displayed.
  • Reorganizing files in a stack via drag and drop briefly stopped working.
  • Literature thumbnails in the category examples would be incorrectly displayed above the category menu.
  • Safari would incorrectly display a confirmation box about unsaved text in fields when closing the window or tab.
  • For a small amount of deviations, a submitted deviation file would linger in after being published. WriterEdit

  • Deviations without a preview image would incorrectly offer a "Draw" option on hover.
  • Clicking "New Draft" from the File menu would result in a blank screen.
  • Trying to embed a file deviation into Writer would result in a bad link.
  • Improvements were made to the way Writer embeds images.
  • Clicking to draw on an image immediately after drawing on a different image would sometimes replace both images with the first image.
  • When including Community Emoticons from the sidebar, they wouldn't link to the original deviation.
  • Embedding HTML didn't work for Film deviations.
  • A large green square would occasionally display in the bottom right corner.

See alsoEdit

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