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This is site bugs fixes and updates page that was posted on May 10th, 2013.



Due to constraints within the +Watch system, we have added a 5,000 deviant limit to the amount of deviants you can +Watch. This change only affects a very small amount of deviants, all of whom have been contacted privately regarding the matter. In the future, you will receive a notification if you attempt to watch more than 5,000 deviants.

Please note also that this only affects how many deviants you can +Watch, not how many deviants can +Watch you.

  • Profile and Group widget descriptions have been updated to be clearer.
  • Labels on transactions on the Earnings page have been updated to be clearer.
  • The deviantARTGear store closing header was updated.
  • The "I Heart deviantARTGear" Badge was created and given to all past and current shoppers.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • Ads have been removed from deviantART muro for all users.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • Badge pages with lots of comments would load slowly.
  • Help & FAQ was briefly unavailable.
  • A downloaded image's link could lead to a browser error.
  • Deviation descriptions with a large number of links would be converted to "1".
  • The deviantFilm player wouldn't work properly when navigating from one deviation to another
  • Deviants with more than 5,000 deviants on their watch list were unable to access the Message Center.
  • Deviation timestamps on the Browse page were not accurately rounding to the nearest time.
  • Address validation on the Checkout page had display issues.
  • For some users, the Manage Friends page could get stuck on "Building list".
  • Error messages on the Checkout page have been updated for clarity.
  • The Manage Friends page did not properly sort by username. This is mostly fixed, though there are a few known cases still remaining that are currently being worked on.
  • Shipping quotes for Fine Art Prints were not working for Serbia and Albania.
  • Deviations with a small number of Favourites were displaying irrelevant "More Like This" results on the deviation page.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • Loading time for deviantART muro has been improved.
  • In rare circumstances, the basic brush would "clip" the end of a brush stroke, leaving angular digital artifacts. / SubmitEdit

  • Buttons in the submission policy modal were unstyled.
  • When editing a published deviation, the Edit page wouldn't scroll to the top upon opening.
  • Gallery folders were not being remembered correctly when using "Remember these settings". WriterEdit

  • Community emoticons added from the Writer sidebar would not link to the original deviation.
  • Trying to edit a Writer document containing a lot of emoticons could lag due to bad caching of the emoticon list.

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