This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on February 21st, 2014.



Premium Members can now use Google Analytics to get meaningful insight about the traffic to their deviantART Profile! Using our new Google Analytics integration, you can access comprehensive statistics about your audience, traffic, and art. WriterEdit

Bug fixesEdit


  • When setting up a custom domain for one's Portfolio, it did not allow for several recently introduced Top Level Domains.
  • For a brief period, it was not possible to add new images to one's Portfolio.
  • The World Map would stop operating if left open for a prolonged time. 
  • Measurement unit switchers would appear for some Art Gift products even though there was no need for it.
  • When replying to comments from the Message Center, if you opened a second reply box before commenting on or closing the first, it would be impossible to close either comment box.
  • Setting a password for Portfolios was no longer working.
  • Flash files could not be submitted to some contest categories.
  • When giving Points, rapidly clicking the "Give" button multiple times would cause that amount to be sent repeatedly.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • There were various issues with saving redraws, which led to the final rendering of some redraws not appearing identical to the end product. WriterEdit

  • Writer would attempt to allow deviants to edit stack descriptions, even when viewing a stack in someone else's
  • When on the Submit page, the "Select file from" modal would attempt to use any keyboard shortcuts used elsewhere on the page, and then trigger their effects when the "Select file from" modal was actually opened.
  • Searching for community emoticons in Writer's sidebar would stop working after 24 results, for non-Premium Members.

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