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This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on June 28th, 2013.



Due to Twitter's updated API and the removal of their first API, which was the original foundation for deviantART's Twitter Widget, the Twitter Widget for Profile Pages has been updated to match Twitter branding. The widget now displays retweets with the icon of the person you've retweeted, and images can be shown in-line, so that deviants don't have to click through to see images you're sharing.

Bug fixesEdit


  • Users could not login for a few hours on Sunday.
  • In rare cases, Journal URLs would contain /art/ rather than /journal/.
  • On the "Earnings" page, multiple items were sometimes present in a single transaction.
  • When a deviation was deleted, the Print page for that deviation was still visible.
  • When browsing categories with no subcategories, the page title and meta information were incorrect.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • There was an error that would occur when using the "Edit in deviantART muro" button on items. 
  • Browsing categories on deviantART with a large number of deviations created in deviantART muro could lead to errors. / SubmitEdit

  • Deviants can now browse their items using the same "Previous" and "Next" navigation buttons as on deviantART.
  • Scheduled Submit was unable to set a deviation as exclusive to a Group.
  • When refreshing the page of an item in a stack, clicking the browser's back button would not correctly redirect you to the parent page. WriterEdit

  • Using the "Edit with deviantART muro" option when writing a Journal would produce an image that displayed like a full size deviation until you submitted your content, at which time it would become a thumbnail.
  • When using deviantART muro to draw on an image included in a Journal, the status notifications were too narrow and looked broken.
  • Submitting a Journal while it was trying to load an embedded deviation could result in that deviation disappearing from the document.
  • Internet Explorer 8 was having problems stripping unsafe attributes from pasted content.
  • The 'name' attribute was being removed from HTML links. 
  • Polish characters were impossible to insert.

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