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This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on June 28th 2012.


Category ChangesEdit

  • Changes have been made to the Resources & Stock Images gallery.
  • The Fonts subcategory in Resources & Stock Images received a fleshing-out.
  • An update has been posted regarding potential changes to the Macro Photography gallery.
  • Request to allow .gif files in Wiggle category was made.
  • Visual Poetry galleries no longer supported image file submissions.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • Editing a Portfolio briefly resulted in a redirect to an error page.
  • In Chat, the emoticons link was not opening the emoticon window.
  • There was an increase of spam in the Forums which bypassed existing spam controls. Measures were put in place to better fight spam.
  • Quotes in deviation titles were breaking literature thumbnail previews.
  • The deviantMEET widget initial month dropdown was one day short.
  • The Help Desk contact form did not accept some characters, resulting in silent error.
  • The "Give Points" modal layout was broken when used after Points were given.
  • Some typos were fixed on the My Earnings page and Gallery Stats.
  • Voting directly on the site Poll page resulted in an error.
  • The "share deviation" button set was due for an update. Some logos and share scripts were out of date, in addition to Google+ and Pinterest being added a few weeks ago.
  • Bugs in CSS parser allowed images to float outside custom boxes on profile pages.
  • The "preview" button for Groups Notes was not working properly.
  • Badly formed URLs to comment thread pages were causing an excessive server load.
  • Logged out members who visited the Support page had no easy way to sign in to post their reports.'
  • The wrong date range would get selected when using the "Wayback Browse" calendar picker.
  • A "Group Name is already taken" error message somehow was translated into just "-1".
  • The mobile site Message Center was briefly broken.
  • Message Center Inbox message count per section was incorrect under some circusmstances, and would display the same count from one section to another.
  • Links to group blog entries within a stack in the message center were broken.
  • Group Message Center messages for comments left on group polls were not sent.
  • The restriction on the Rainmeter category to only allow .rmskin filetype submissions was not functioning properly.
  • Some links to deviations from within Journals were not working properly and instead linked to the Journal entry itself.
  • Delete button in Journal entry edit mode was not functional.
  • Command-click on Journal titles in stacks did not open them in a new window as expected.
    dev: codes for changed usernames did not work in Journals under some conditions when both old and new usernames were present.
  • In Journals, embedded YouTube videos did not load or play for some period of time.
  • Using the "next" and "previous" buttons while browsing through journals caused some minor visual issues on the page.
  • The Journal widget's "short entries" option showed full and not short entries.

deviantART MuroEdit

  • The signup modal used on deviantART Muro and other places sometimes failed to display proper error messages, resulting in generic error.
  • There was an issue when you used the "undo" function immediately after deselecting content.


  • Indentation on comment replies went missing for a period of time.
  • An unintentional border would appear on the full view of images.
  • would previously autoscroll from the category selector to the title box after selecting a category when submitting a deviation; the autoscroll has been removed.
  • Some folders could be dragged on Windows Chrome, creating broken items.
  • Previewing a literature item would give a "forbidden" error page.
  • When copied and pasted directly into title, description or keywords, the text wouldn't save.
  • The file and edit toolbar mistakenly appeared for viewers.
  • Editing the title and description inline didn't work on public URLs. WriterEdit

  • "Smart embeds" wasn't providing a pencil menu for deviations.
  • Writer was saving immediately after loading a draft.
  • Hovering over journalskin thumbs in the Journal/Writer sidebar made the thumbs jump around.
  • Choosing "no skin" in Writer displayed the wrong preview.
  • Dragging stacks from the sidebar in Writer is now properly disabled.
  • The Resources > Tutorials category was missing from the category menu in Writer.

See alsoEdit

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