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This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on July 5th, 2013.



  • This Deviant Watches You

A new feature has been added to the Profile Pages of deviants who watch you! When visiting another person's profile, a "Watches You" bubble will now appear next to their +Watch button if they are watching you.

Watchesyou by danlev-d6bkq5u

Bug fixesEdit


  • Removing a deviation from a Group would not work properly when the deviation was in more than 8 groups.
  • Mobile support has been improved for Microsoft touch devices.
  • The "Browse", "Scrapbook" and Search options when in a deviant's Gallery were briefly broken.
  • When editing one's Channels, the Categories menu could not be accessed properly.
  • Under specific circumstances, the "Watching" button would disappear from some Super Groups.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • In some instances, deviantART muro could give a misleading "Bad Font" error during a Redraw.
  • Ctrl+A (Command+A, for Mac users) would not highlight text when editing a layer's name. / SubmitEdit

  • An odd outline would appear when creating a new stack.
  • Group-exclusive submissions that were scheduled would wrongfully be added to that deviant's Gallery.
  • The preview for a submission would sometimes not appear after uploading.
  • If the last remaining tab was a successfully published scheduled item, resetting/closing the tab wouldn't work.
  • When selecting files from on the Submit page, holding ctrl (command for Mac) and clicking would not invert the selection state of that file without affecting the rest of the selection.
  • Holding shift and clicking when selecting files from on the Submit page will now add clicked files to the selection. WriterEdit

  • deviantART muro redraws that were embedded into a Writer document would link to the current document instead of playing.
  • Icon codes and other deviantART formatting didn't display properly when copied and pasted.
  • In some instances, Writer wouldn't break long words, causing page width issues.
  • When leaving comments in (or elsewhere on site, for Beta Testers), the Writer sidebar allowed text selection, making dragging thumbnails difficult.
  • Writer in comments was not launched on the forums for Beta Testers.
  • The thumb limit for images in comments could be bypassed by clicking rapidly.
  • Clicking between multiple comment boxes on a page could cause the Add Media sidebar to close.
  • The "Add a Drawing" button would reappear if you clicked to leave a comment, clicked elsewhere, and then clicked back to that comment box.
  • When leaving a comment using Writer, switching to or from HTML mode by using ctrl+E would shrink the comment box.

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