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This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on July 26th, 2013.



As part of an initiative to consolidate features and make deviantART more user-friendly, the statistics system for Prints has been ported into the My Earnings page!

Stats for Prints have been ported into the Earnings page to make them more readily accessible. In addition, stats for Premium Content and Commissions have been incorporated as well, so you can easily track sales for your Prints and downloads all from one page. You can sort statistics by date or by sale to find what information you're looking for.

  • 403 and 404 Error pages now include deviantART's header and footer, for easier navigation.
  • Various updates were made to the API. Some API documentation was updated as well.

Bug fixesEdit


  • When in Firefox, resizing the browser window while viewing a Journal containing custom widgets could sometimes lead to layout issues.
  • The "Next" button for comments on one's Profile Page briefly did not work.
  • Some links to the Prints Shop did not direct properly.
  • There was a layout issue with the "update your email" notification.
  • Users banned from purchasing could still request a commission. 
  • Some Permissions Exceptions for groups didn't work properly.
  • Various updates were made to the API. Some API documentation was updated as well.
  • On some pages, usernames were not capitalized properly.
  • Images in one's Portfolio had unnecessary drop shadows.
  • The "Sign Up" modal had some text alignment and layout issues. / SubmitEdit

  • Selecting multiple files using shift and the arrow keys was not working properly.
  • The "broken image" icon would appear in some browsers when an image was simply not ready for display yet.
  • The selection rectangle would get darker every time one would navigate inside and outside of a stack.
  • Using command+click (ctrl+click for Windows) to select an item would not visually recognize an item was selected until moving the mouse away from it. WriterEdit

  • The Add Media tools will no longer attempt to load for incompatible browsers.
  • For a short period, it was possible to embed YouTube videos in comments.
  • It was possible to embed full-size images outside of
  • Comment previews were not accurately reflecting what formatting was allowed and what formatting was not allowed.
  • Using the HTML attribute iframe in Writer would result in content not being saved. Iframe attributes have since been removed. 
  • The Add Media tool did not work properly in the Admin Area of Groups.
  • Emoticons in the Writer sidebar were not respecting Mature Content settings.

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