This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on July 20th 2012.
Site Update


  • Announcing Rolled Fine Art Paper Prints

Starting immediately, deviantART is upgrading our rolled Fine Art Paper Prints to a more professional grade print process. The new and improved product will now ship with an additional 1.5" (3.81 cm) bright-white border ready to be hanged or framed! This change will not affect the way in which we currently provide Photo Prints, Canvas, or Frame Art Prints.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • Extra characters were appearing at the end of text when entering critique.
  • Vertical layout spacing was broken on the settings page.
  • Personal user Forum threads ignored comment sorting preference changes.
  • Some 404 error page links had wrong labeling.
  • In some categories, image deviations were being confused with text deviations during editing, resulting in incorrect display and possible validation errors.
  • Deleted group journals were messing up the Recent Journal Entries widget.
  • A white horizontal bar was present on literature stack thumbnails in the message center.
  • Some prints were missing the URL box.


  • e-mail gateway could not be disabled on the Settings page.
  • Watermarking and making an item available for download weren't mutually exclusive and should have been.
  • Watching deviantART muro Redraws would show a login modal.
  • An unstyled submission form would briefly flash when editing an item.
  • Clicking on the tabs icon to navigate back to your would fail to work under some conditions.
  • Share links would remain displayed in some situations where the context had changed and they shouldn't have.
  • Dropping a small image on top of a literature item would break the thumb display.
  • When navigating to another page, uploading wouldn't behave the way it was originally intended.
  • Editing a published deviation didn't show the groups to which the deviation had already been published.
  • The "save and exit" button would sometimes appear when it shouldn't.
  • Share links became misaligned.
  • The player for video items was lacking a minimum width.
  • Header menu display improved.
  • The description preview icon wouldn't adapt to the presence of a scrollbar in the form field.
  • The download button on the footer would appear in the wrong context.
  • Updating an item's title now updates the thumbnail display of that item immediately.
  • Quickly navigating through items using the keyboard would stall until two items had loaded.

​ Writer

  • Launched CSS attributes: content, counter-increment, counter-reset.
  • Drafts were duplicating when you edited a Writer document that was in your
  • For a brief period of time, clicking the "edit" link for journal entries posted using the original journal editor gave an error.
  • Writer always had a vertical scrollbar, regardless of content height.
  • Changing skins in Writer was removing the "preview" and "done" buttons from the bottom of the page.
  • The way embedded links was handled in Writer has been rewritten.

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