Site Update

This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post in January 20th 2012.



  • "My Tagline" is no longer a required item when filling out your profile.
  • Implemented support for "Free Premium Memberships Day".
  • Added the ability to publish winners of the Design Battle T-Shirts contest as "for sale" in the deviantWEAR shop.
  • Added a link to deviantART's Google+ Page on the footer.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Group avatars now display correctly in the "journal portal" section of the footer.
  • Llamas for everyone! An error has been resolved that caused the llama trade page to display completely blank for deviants who have not yet received a llama.
  • Journals are no longer restricted to a minimum width on the deviation page.
  • Fixed the command+enter keyboard shortcut on Macs in the "Send as Note" box on deviation pages.
  • News article previews are now stripped of ugly HTML tags that sometimes displayed in the Message Center.
  • The "Journal Comments" section on activity pages has been removed since journal comments are now displayed under the main "Comments" section.
  • Fixed the positioning of the "Remove Deviation From Group" button on deviation pages.
  • Fixed a very rare journal migration failure which duplicated a single journal into several deviations.
  • Fixed a very short-lived issue with renaming collections.
  • A very small number of deviants who were unable to delete an empty collections can now delete them.
  • The "Discover" menu item used to be completely stuck on the "stick menu" and can now be removed.
  • A text mis-alignment was causing long lists of deviants to overlap in the "recipients" field of the "send note" form.



  • On your, stacks and stashed items now have a completely new button layout - it's now much easier to get to Submit, Delete, Move; and you can now rename any item by clicking on its name.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed "previous" and "next" keyboard navigation while viewing items in
  • If you try to give the same name to two stacks, the error message is now a bit more user-friendly.
  • Fixed drag-to-select that was broken after switching to a different page.
  • Fixed multiple with renaming items in, including errors while using apostrophes and double quotes, as well as an error that wouldn't allow deviants to click items after renaming a stack from within the stack's page.
  • Improved auto-saving on while making changes to an item.
  • In Chrome, we were forced to disable instant thumbnail generation when uploading a large file because of a bug in Chrome.
  • Fixed some visual issues with stacks, including shadows and thumbnail display. WriterEdit


  • Journals now always clickable Title links, even when they're not in groups.
  • Advanced Journal Skin makers can now use + > ~ [attr] :not() in their CSS skins.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The "Journal History" module was displaying dates as 1970 when in the "browse" view on the Journal tab.
  • The "This edit is minor" checkbox, for controlling whether an edit is sent out to all your watchers, sometimes doesn't appear when editing a Writer deviation.
  • Some category pickers allowed deviants to submit to protected categories, including the "deviantART Inc" category.
  • After submitting a deviation through Writer, pressing the "back" button no longer causes weird behavior.
  • You can no longer remove the category from a published deviation.
  • Restored the ability to submit a journal entry to a group through the inline editor after it had already been published.
  • In Writer, "journal extras" was showing up even when no skin is selected. This has been removed.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally select text outside of the Writer editing area.
  • Some old journals were able to break outside of their boxes on the journal tab.
  • Fixed an old issue that "Reject" votes on news articles counted as favourites.
  • Fixed uploading files by dragging them onto the Writer sidebar in Firefox.
  • A rather amusing bug was causing Ctrl-Z to undo and then immediately redo in Writer, making undo seem broken.

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