This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on January 11th 2013.

Site Update



​dA brought More Like This results to deviation pages, to make the experience of exploring art on deviantART even easier than before! Featuring a mix of art from the artist whose deviation you are viewing and related artwork created by other artists, More Like This lets you delve even deeper into a world of artwork you love.

More Like This on Deviation Pages

Bugs fixesEdit


  • In the Message Center, deviation titles and authors displayed incorrectly in Critique stacks.
  • When using Firefox on Android devices, the keyboard would automatically open on the home page in some cases, due to the search field being auto-focused.
  • The Customization > Icons > Misc category briefly did not accept .jpg files.
  • In the Journal Portal section of the site footer, the "comments" labels were misplaced.
  • When changing the category of a Group Journal from "Personal Journal" to anything else, the new category was not saved.
  • Paging was briefly broken on some pages and modals. / New SubmitEdit

  • Dragging the mouse to select was very slow when a large amount of items were present.
  • The title of the browser tab did not update when the file was renamed.
  • The "Submit Prints" step would consistently generate an "invalid value" error.
  • Unchecking the "Submit Prints" checkbox when editing did nothing.
  • Editing a Journal's category could cause it to show up in one's Gallery. Writer Edit

  • Pressing "Done" in Writer would sometimes remove Writer documents from stacks other than the "Drafts" stack.
  • Pressing tab when in lists will now indent the list item, if appropriate.
  • Pressing tab three times would cause the cursor to jump past the current word.
  • Submitting multiple comments on items without reloading the page would cause problems.
  • For mobile devices, the Writer sidebar covered things up when trying to comment.

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