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Site Update
February 9th 2012.

General Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a problem where some would be redirected to their when editing an old Journal.
  • When viewing Journals on member profiles and Group profiles, the "More Entries" button sends you to the next entries rather than the ones you just saw.
  • On the Groups Portal, the "Read More" button on Group descriptions no longer displays if there's nothing "more" to "read."
  • Fixed layout issues with the Channels page.
  • Tweaked the Message Center layout so that long titles and a narrow browser window now play nice.
  • Fixed multiple issues that sometimes caused modal windows to have an ugly white background.
  • Fixed a bug where some people couldn't switch out of the mobile version of deviantART.
  • Fixed an issue with Collections where dragging thumbs into newly created folders was not registering without a page refresh.
  • After an account has been deactivated, members are no longer restricted from signing up with the same email address of their deactivated account.
  • When browsing on the front page while logged out, the "next" and "previous" navigation buttons now correctly skip over mature content artwork.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some display errors when dragging and dropping.
  • Improved Google Web Font detection for people who make Journal Skins.
  • Fixed the category selection button on original Journal submission form. It is no longer slightly cut off.



  • Added two new API methods to the developer API.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Sharing from as a Note now links to the item instead of producing a non-functional :thumb: code.
  • The "paper leaves" of the corners of stacks now show up correctly in Safari and Chrome.
  • Made the button style more consistent on items.
  • Right-clicking the "view" and "submit" buttons on a thumbnail to open a new tab or window now points to the correct URLs.
  • Under some circumstances, members would get the deviantART login modal on, now they always get the one.
  • When merging items in, if at least one of the merged items has a non-default stack name, it becomes the name used for the merged item.
  • For a short time, the controls when hovering a selected item weren't wide enough.
  • Banned users now see a proper error page when trying to access WriterEdit


  • The "Edit in Writer" button is now always available on the top right corner of Journals and Literature created using Writer.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Searching twice in the sidebar would result in the second search not updating the set of thumbs.
  • Replaced the "empty literature" thumbnail image with a version showing empty text rather than a generic image.
  • Bumped the number of thumbs shown in the sidebar to 120 for everything.
  • Clicking a Writer document in the Writer sidebar no longer offers to load it as a draft; instead it inserts it as a thumbnail, but the pencil menu on that thumbnail has an "edit draft" option.
  • Fixed a bug where the pencil menu on images inserted into Writer would not close when changing image size.
  • Stack thumbnails on Writer are now even better than last week, because they're not vertically squished now.
  • Writer now accepts all YouTube URLs, even if there are extra parameters on the end of the URL.
  • Dragging on stacks/skin thumbs in the sidebar is suppressed, because letting them get dragged into the writer area resulted in broken images on submit.
  • The Writer sidebar loading indicator no longer accidentally covers up artwork.

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