This is site bug fixes and updates page that was posted on February 7th, 2014.



DeviantArt muroEdit

  • After clicking "Done" on a drawing, deviants can now choose to view the file in, or go directly to the Submit page. WriterEdit

  • Editing Links in Writer

Editing links in Writer is now easier than ever! Click on a link in your document and a URL box will appear, from which you can easily change the URL that text will link to.

  • When hovered over, images embedded in Writer now have the same "Thumb" and "Remove" buttons that deviations and files have.

Bug fixesEdit


  • When viewing a deviation from the Message Center, usernames displayed in comments would be an incorrect color.
  • When viewing a Flash deviation with audio, navigating to another deviation using the "Next" or "Previous" button would not stop playback
  • Commenting on the mobile website was briefly broken.
  • For a short time period, replying to a comment in the Message Center would unexpectedly refresh the whole page.
  • Some deviations were located in an outdated category, and consequently were not appearing in Browse. These deviations have been moved to current categories.
  • In the Prints Shop, the Finish, Size, and Shape options would not affect the results displayed unless a specific art category was selected.
  • Commenting with nothing but '0' would create a blank comment.
  • When viewing "All" in a deviant's Gallery, the category tree was briefly missing.
  • A very rare error occurred that prevented a small number of deviants from adding certain deviations to their Favourites.
  • When requesting a Commission through the Commissions Widget, the text area could be resized to be larger than the modal window.
  • Some subcategories in the Resources & Stock Images gallery erroneously did not accept .zip files.
  • Drop menus on the Manage Members page in Groups had some visual inconsistencies.
  • A small number of Journals disappeared from users' Featured Journals section, and would appear to be missing entirely.


  • When uploading a file to an already existing stack, it was not possible to enter the stack while the file was still uploading.
  • When uploading a file to a stack, that stack would always move to the top of one's, even if it had been deliberately moved elsewhere. 
  • When hovering over an item, using ctrl+click (command+click for Mac) on the "View" hovercard button did not open the item in a new tab.

DeviantArt muroEdit

  • The Crop tool had a bug that could make brushes work incorrectly after the image was cropped. WriterEdit

  • SoundCloud embeds would vanish if you pasted something else into the document after adding the embed.
  • The @username autocomplete menu would erroneously try to show up if one's caret was placed inside an existing link.
  • The "Click to add description" text was not appearing on deviation description boxes in
  • The Add Media tool wasn't working on Forum posts.

See alsoEdit

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