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This is site bugs fixes and updates page that was post on February 28th, 2013.



Bugs fixesEdit


  • Selecting Notes from the Message Center would take deviants to the Notes page, but would not open the selected Note.
  • The legacy Journal editor was not functional on mobile devices.
  • For a very short period, an error would display upon sending a Note from a deviant's Profile, even though the Note would still send.
  • Thumbnails were not rendering when previewing a comment in the ThumbShare Forum.
  • A number of dropdown menus around the site were briefly not selectable.
  • Installable Journal Skins were not working in Firefox for a short time.
  • For a short period, the Install button for Installable Journal Skins was missing.
  • Thumbnails on the Daily Deviations page were not properly centered.
  • The "Previous", "Next", and "All" buttons did not appear when viewing Daily Deviations.
  • A small number of deviation pages would display slightly incorrectly on first loading, and then would jump into proper position once the page was completely loaded.
  • Error pages were not displaying properly on mobile devices.
  • For a brief period,  trying to open a chatroom would load a blank page.
  • Scrolling was broken in Group lists for users with many matching Group names in the "Submit to a Group" display.
  • "Featured" and "Browse" links on a deviant's Journal were not displaying correctly.
  • Adding the Journal widget to one's Profile via drag and drop did not work.
  • Small deviation images would still display with a magnifying glass cursor as though they were larger.
  • Sales data for Prints was briefly not available.
  • The Poll widget would display oddly when editing on a small-width browser.
  • If every widget on a Profile page was removed, they couldn't be re-installed.
  • The BlackBerry badge was not being given out correctly.
  • The color of the Chat page colors was incorrect.
  • The +Watch button would disappear from the Artists view of More Like This after the second page of results. / SubmitEdit

  • The "Upload", "Compose in Writer" and "Draw with deviantART muro" buttons weren't clickable in Chrome on Windows.
  • The category selector broke for a short period.
  • An error would occur when canceling the selection of a file from in Internet Explorer.
  • Quotation marks wouldn't work in the category search.
  • The list of suggested categories wasn't updating.
  • The Submit page would display a category error for .doc files without explaining that the selected category did not accept .doc files.
  • Uploading files would trigger a "Do you want to open or save this file?" prompt for some IE8 users.
  • The progress bar was misplaced when writing a text deviation.
  • If an image was uploaded and then canceled prior to it finishing, the thumbnail would remain.
  • When a validation error occurs, the screen now scrolls to the offending area.
  • The "Edit Print" button disappeared from deviation pages for a short time.
  • The Submit page wouldn't work on Android 4.1.1.
  • Resetting a submission would cause an unnecessary fade in and fade out. WriterEdit

  • Gallery subfolders were not supported in the Writer sidebar.
  • The sidebar had some visual display issues in Firefox.
  • The toolbar was too tall, which was causing overflow issues.
  • The sidebar would remain open when navigating from one deviation to another using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons after leaving a comment in
  • Duplicate entries would appear in the Conversation tab of the sidebar, when leaving comments in
  • Disconnecting from the Internet would make Writer stop auto-saving, even after you returned.
  • Including literature thumbs inside a paragraph HTML tag in journal entries would break the thumbnail formatting.

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