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This is site bugs fixes page that was post on February 22nd 2013.



Bugs fixesEdit


  • Film deviations that were embedded off-site would not play right away.
  • When using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to browse, the Favorites menu would stay open, if opened prior to navigating to another deviation.
  • Preview images for Print products on deviation pages were broken in rare cases.
  • For a brief period, clicking the "Purchase" button didn't work for some Premium Content downloads.
  • Dragging a deviation when in a stack would not make the Favorites dropdown appear, if the deviant had their Message Center set to display big thumbs.
  • Deleted deviations that were not yet withdrawn from the Message Center would display oddly.
  • Invalid code could be put into the bio area of one's Portfolio, and that would break the portfolio's display.
  • Updated deviations were not labeled as such in the Message Center.
  • On Prints pages, if the lustre finish was selected by default, the checkbox would appear next to glossy instead.
  • The "Buy this Print" box would be scrolled off of the deviation page when clicked, as the page switched to the Print's preview image.

deviantART muroEdit

  • Redraw playback had some cosmetic display problems.
  • Using thumbcodes in comments did not work correctly for deviations that were made in deviantART muro
  • Several speed improvements were made. / SubmitEdit

  • The "suggested categories" option would appear even when there were no suggested categories.
  • The "Submit Prints" option would appear even when the image wasn't large enough for any Print option.
  • When submitting a previously saved submission with Prints originally disabled, the prints settings area would not display
  • Prints preferences would be updated even when an error happened when trying to turn Prints on.
  • The "Prints not supported" warning would sometimes appear twice.
  • Typing a large description in Firefox could result in the top line of the description going out of view.
  • When using quotes in keywords, the keywords wouldn't reload correctly upon editing.
  • Picking a category would sometimes scroll the page to the top.
  • A Prints-related error would appear when using remembered settings and editing a deviation type that doesn't support Prints.
  • When selecting a category that doesn't allow Prints, the Prints option would still display in IE8. WriterEdit

  • Journals published from the legacy Journal Submit page were only showing up in the "browse" view on deviants' Journal pages.
  • The author of a Group journal couldn't always edit it if they left and re-joined the group.
  • Pasting text into Writer would automatically remove non-breaking spaces.
  • Writer would automatically switch to rich editing mode if a skin was applied.
  • If "Show More" was clicked when viewing emoticons in the sidebar, there was no visual indication that it was loading more results.

See alsoEdit

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