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This is site bugs fixes page that was post on February 15th 2013.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The 'Report Deviation' modal would extend past the height of the browser, on smaller screen resolutions.
  • Blocking a Group would not prevent a user from receiving Correspondence messages from that group, or remove their deviations from that Group's gallery or favourites.
  • Panoramic images did not display properly in the message center.
  • Journals submitted to Groups were not properly formatted on the Group's Journal page.
  • The "Remove from Messages" button would appear when viewing Daily Deviations that were reached from the footer of the message center.
  • Toggling stack settings in the message center was briefly broken.
  • Sold out deviantWEAR items could not be removed from one's wishlist.

  • A selection box would appear when items were dragged while inside a stack.
  • The "File" and "Edit" menus wouldn't display properly when the page was scrolled down.
  • On slower internet connections, stacking items could slow down the browser.
  • Shift-clicking on an empty area of the page when trying to select several items could cause Chrome to freeze.
  • When opening an item, editing its description, exiting, and then immediately reopening the same item, the old description would show up.
  • Error pages would contain javascript errors.
  • Small items were getting misplaced shadows.
  • The Size menu didn't update when the main file of a deviation was changed.
  • When using transparent .gif and .png images as the preview for deviations that require a preview image, the thumbnails wouldn't have a transparent background.
  • The World Map stopped showing new deviations.
  • Autosave would sometimes trigger unintentionally when editing existing deviations.
  • The "Change main file" option was unreliable for some users in Internet Explorer.
  • Pressing enter when changing the title of a deviation would cause the return character to be treated as part of the title, and the title update would then be rejected.
  • The confirmation box that appears when a deviant tries to submit a deviation both exclusively to a group and as a Print wasn't working properly.
  • There was a blank area in the header where the search bar normally is, when editing items.
  • If some special characters were used in custom PCP license text, it could prevent the deviation from being edited.
  • The "Select File from" modal wasn't working. Writer Edit

  • Images added to comments will now show in the message center in both standalone messages and stacks.
  • Writer and deviantART muro deviations embedded in other Writer deviations would incorrectly link to the current page instead of the intended deviation.
  • There were some small bugs when leaving comments that were related to CSS issues.

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