This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on December 21st 2012.

Site Update



  • Change to Literature Preview Images

​Preview images for literature deviations are now placed within a scrolling literature thumb. In the past, any preview image a deviant set would take the place of the scrolling literature thumb, making it difficult to distinguish visual art thumbnails and literature thumbnails. 

This change allows for a more uniform thumbnail appearance around the site while also ensuring that each artist is still able to comfortably represent their work.

  •'s New Submit Page

​The Submit page has been updated for all deviants, to match the layout of the new Submit Art page. When submitting your work from, you can now submit your art, Prints, and Premium Content from one page.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • Left-clicking on the "Download File" button for .PSD file deviations did not work.
  • The "Send A Note" modal on the Profile was blank on the mobile site.
  • Attempting to gift a Premium Membership without inputting a username would automatically pull the last username put into that box.
  • For a few deviants using Chrome, category menu options could be missing on some Gallery pages.
  • The legacy mobile site experienced message center loading issues on some devices.
  • An unnecessary horizontal line was present in the pencil menu on comments.
  • Some newly submitted deviations that had the main file changed were missing thumbnails. All thumbnails have since been regenerated.
  • Minor layout issues existed on the My Wishlist and Friends List pages.
  • Logging in from a browser in Windows 8would display as Windows NT 4.0on the Sessions page.

deviantART muro Edit

  • The order of brushes has been changed to reflect brush type.
  • The default brush is now the basic brush. It was the webink brush, in the past.
  • Startup time has been improved.
  • An error existed when loading deviantART muro from Writer.
  • "Import Image as Layer" was briefly broken. SubmitEdit

  • The styling of Writer thumbnails was inconsistent.
  • Premium Content attachments deleted from were wrongfully counted towards's capacity limitation.
  • Clicking on some areas of the page didn't correctly deselect already selected files.
  • Updating a Group Journal wouldn't notify that Group's watchers.
  • Dragging a big thumbnail onto a smaller thumbnail would visually break the stack.
  • Dragging a file thumb onto a Writer thumb would leave a leftover shadow.
  • Journals can now be added to and removed from "My Journal" at any time, even when published.
  • Pressing enter to finish the renaming of an item would wrongfully open the item immediately.
  • When submitting, "My Journal" and related checkboxes now remember their settings more reliably. Writer Edit

  • Removing a Writer document from the "Drafts" stack could fail, which would break the document.
  • When searching for emoticons in the sidebar, there was no visual indication it was working.
  • The progress spinner in the sidebar would not display properly.
  • Some <style> tags would show unnecessarily when editing a document.
  • When creating Journal Skins, linear gradients had cross-browser issues. We are now working on improving this.

See alsoEdit

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