This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post in December 1st 2011.

Change LogEdit


  • You now have the option to include/exclude your journal from the Journal Portal, and from your Journal Tab's new "Featured" section.
  • The Journal Portal in the footer of deviantART now pulls from the Journals category but excludes all "Personal" posts. This means, you must categorize your Journal on submission for it to even qualify to appear in the footer of dA. This has substantially increased the quality of posts that appear there.
  • Writer now has an improved Preview mode from the old Journal writing system so you can see your post, CSS, avatars, images, etc. exactly as they're going to appear once published.
  • Various user interface changes are now live and have improved the quality of substantially. Clicking files in shows you the files - it no longer forces the Edit & Submit mode.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Some issues editing old articles within Groups.
  • Countless bug fixes should have and Writer functioning quite smoothly.

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