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This is site updates and bugs fixes page that was post on
December 10th 2011.

Change LogEdit


  • now supports keyboard shortcuts! Hit up, down, left, right, and hit the Delete/Backspace key to remove any selected items. Hold the Shift key as you move around with the arrow-keys to select a bunch of files at once.
  • DeviantART brought back the full word "Comments" instead of using the small speech bubble icon on the Journals in deviantART's footer, and the journals in the Journal Portal, making it a little easier on our newer community members.
  • Your avatar is now the 'tab icon' of the site in your browser.
  • Lots of small graphical tweaks have been happening to make sure that "the wrong green" doesn't peek through on
  • The " comments will not appear in your activity" notice looks a lot nicer.
  • Here's a simple fix that should make a big difference - up until last week, clicking into a Stack, then clicking Back, used to scroll you back to the top of the homepage. Now keeps you scrolled to the right spot, which should make poking through your much faster.
  • Drag & Drop is a big part of organizing your You can drag around multiple items to select them, drag those items off the bottom of the screen to scroll down.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Some older journals couldn't be edited. Blank content was, rather scarily, appearing in Writer instead of the Journal itself.
  • The Journal Portal's contest category was completely blank for a moment.
  • Internet Explorer 8 had some drag-to-select slowdown trouble.
  • Delete feature on was simply not working.
  • About 30 news articles turned out to be large to fit in the new system.
  • Some of you were getting an "Unresponsive Script" error on Step 2 of Writer on Firefox.
  • Using on an iPad was not working briefly.
  • About 2,400 random old journals disappeared.
  • Clicking a thumbnail inside a Stashed journal entry opened a page with a broken "All" button in the header.
  • Reloading a Stack's page after dropping a file into it caused you to go back to the home page instead of reloading.
  • meihua had a item that got stuck! It was half way submitted, and half-way still in the
  • About 2,300 random journals had a bug that would have prevented them from being deleted properly, and caused some text cutoffs.
  • Visiting items and apps used to sometimes send you to the homepage instead.
  • You can now hold Ctrl (or Command, on a Mac) while clicking on a item to select it, without it opening in a new tab at the same time.
  • Things that were unstored just after launch got stuck in the

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