This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on August 31st 2012.
Site Update



DeviantART is proud to announce two major improvements to the way you browse and discover artwork on the site. These feature are currently only available to Beta Testers . More Like This is deviantART’s newest content discovery tool – enabling you to find similar, relevant deviations, artists, and collections to a chosen deviation. In addition to More Like This, we've made a number of improvements to browsing on deviantART, including an updated navigation, a "full view" mode, and endless scrolling.

  • The "Notify me upon resolution" checkbox has been removed from the Report Deviation modal because we found that it promoted negativity within the community and led to harassment.
  • The Twitter emoticon was updated.



  • The maximum size of brushes has been made bigger.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The Group "Edit Page" functionality was not functioning properly. Widget descriptions, icons and install buttons went missing.
  • Some icons on deviation pages were displaying out-of-date versions under some conditions.
  • Group creation for small number of groups was delayed.
  • Deactivated and banned users could report through the moderation system.
  • The View & Choose Badge link displayed over the Collections bar when opened on some profile pages.
  • FAQ text on group creation pages was not properly formatted.
  • The "go to" button in notes was not functional.
  • There was an issue in Llama trade offer matching.


  • Users could encounter errors while saving due to certain conditions.
  • "Watch Redraw" button did not show in under certain situations. Edit

  • The switcher allowing the owner of a published deviation to view comments that were left while it was in wasn't working.
  • The submission agreement wouldn't display to new users in some contexts.
  • Editing a deviation published from would break the site header.
  • Some editing options were broken.
  • Some special characters, such as German umlauts, wouldn't be displayed properly in comments. Writer Edit

  • Writer immediately saved your entry when you opened it for editing.
  • Double spacing after a URL in journals would eat whatever word followed.
  • Rapidly clicking thumbs/emoticons from the sidebar caused crazy over-autosaving.
  • Selecting heading size and then typing did not work.
  • The embedded stash in sidebar was sometimes stealing keyboard events.
  • There was a weird fade in and fade out for the "loading..." button in the sidebar.

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