This is site news and bugs fixes page that was post on August 10th 2012.
Site Update



  • Visual Refresh

Today dA have released a visual refresh of, deviantART's upload and publishing platform, giving it a cleaner, more modern look. One of the most apparent things you'll notice is a major change in the header, which is now white, to match the rest of In addition, when viewing something in another user's, the topbar will display their icon and username, to indicate that you are in their and not your own.

In addition, we've made some major improvements to Writer. There are now additional options in the menus, including a selection in the Edit menu that lets users toggle between rich-text and HTML mode, for our more code-oriented artists. And best of all, we've completely overhauled the Writer sidebar, making it more intuitive and simpler to use, giving you a great deal of additional options.

  • Launched a custom undo/redo implementation.

Bugs fixesEdit


  • The ability to submit Group journals was briefly unavailable for some Groups.
  • Custom folder icons did not display for the newly released Gallery subfolders.
  • In the Message Center, the "View Original Comment" display did not adhere to the new comment signature style.
  • The Watchers number on Profile pages was not updating, and was different than the number on Gallery Stats pages


  • Reduced full page reloading if items weren't changed.
  • Images with a transparent background were showing with a grey background. WriterEdit

  • There was a Javascript error when showing the autosave notification, making it not show up reliably.
  • The "Apply" button for Journal skins wasn't working.
  • Alignment options in the Writer toolbar weren't working properly in webkit.

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