List of privclasses

  • Founders
  • HeadQuarters
  • TheChosenOne
  • Chibis
  • AllStars
  • TempModerators
  • Trolls
  • Seniors
  • Helpers
  • Deviants
  • Jail
  • TalkingBots
  • Bots
  • Noobs
  • Hell
  • Banned


✔ Art Channel on deviantArt! ❖ SHARE your THUMBS and ART HERE! ❖ Free TALK and HINTS on technical & artistic stuff ❖ ANIME & MANGA MAKING with PRO USERS LiveSteams and Critics ❖ PAINT TOOL SAI HEAVEN !

ShareZone is a chatroom created by zio-san and mainly run by bots. The main bot is called ShareBot. The bot is custom built for this chatroom and have special commands to help share your art in the chat.

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