Rabbit Fellow

Rabbit Fellow is a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Some cute monsters have been through a lot. Some have gotten their whiskers all tangled in a hugging gone awry. (Not all monsters want to maul you! Sheesh!) Or maybe you're a huge, feathered bunny who loves to dance, and no one will dance with you, so it makes you a little sad, but you just keep on dancin'. This t-shirt is for all the misunderstood cute monsters out there.

It would seem he loves dancing awkwardly to your favourite tunes... or maybe he just really needs the toilet? I guess we'll never know!

Edit: I'd also like to thank everybody for the positive comments and support! I'm so overwhelmed and I'm so happy to have received such a great response. I'm trying my best to read and reply to all the comments and favourites so I'm sorry if I have missed some. Thanks again!

Another Edit: I have changed the colours of the background to fit the colour of the t-shirt the design will be printed on. The T-shirt is a dark navy. I am sorry for any confusion caused!

You can also view more of my work at ~NicolaWallace



Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$20 1600 - -
$14 1120 - -

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