Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion was a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


I've started this design simply with plain black text. From there I came up with different designs until I could finally satisfy myself. [link]

Not everything you do is gonna start out great the first time around, But if you continue to work on it, put in a lot of effort, eventually it would turn out better.

Similar to pursuing your Passion (whatever it may be), if you really love doing it, don't stop no matter what. Don't make anymore excuses and just do it! Practice as much as you can and soon enough you'll get the most of it!

Not everyone is born with talent but you can earn it!

P.S. Thank you everyone for all your support! I couldn't believe I won, thank you very much judges!

Fonts used: "Pursue" - Pacifico [link] "Your,It Will" - Bebas Neue [link] "Passion" - Alegre Sans NC [link] "&, Become" - Nevis [link] "Talent" - Ballpark Weiner [link]


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$20.00 1600 2012-09-24 Starting price

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