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Premium membership banner found in premium membership order page

Premium member(later Core member) is one of member types. Premium members have a star before their username. Before symbols change the had a * symbol before theire names. Due to recent update in mid 2015, Premium Members were changed to Core Members, becoming orange-colored.

Premium Members BenefitsEdit

Name Description
Browse more content, more quickly You can see more deviantions per page than normal user.
No ad browsing You will not see any ads in profiles or pages.
Schedule and submit multiple deviations at once Can use multi submit and schedule tools
Change your username You can change your username
Unlock your with 10 GB of storage You get more space in
10% off Prints (formerly and deviantWEAR purchases) You will get 10% off from prices in deviantART shop.
Cruise through 400% more deviations per page You can see more deviantions per page than normal user.
Get exclusive access to archived content You can choose year, month and day and see that date deviations.
Give your journal more pop with custom skins You can add skins to your jounal.
Engage and track your visitors with extra Widgets and stats You get more widgets to add to your profile. You can check list of them here
Give and get meaningful feedback on your art with Critique You can ask critique on your deviantions.
Gain instant community privileges  ?
Get priority in the Help Desk Your tickets in Help Desk will be answared faster. (normal priority)
Administrate more than three Groups You can have administrate 10 groups.
Access exclusive weekly giveaways Can enter in special contests. (PremiumMembers group)
Beta-test new site features Can be a beta tester.
Earn more with exclusive commercial tools Access Premium content
Buy your own work at a discount - of up to 50% - for gifting or reselling. You can buy your own works cheaper.
Make more money on each sale by setting your own print prices You can set your own prints prices.
Promote yourself with Portfolio - your own personalized website and art showcase without any dA branding Can use Portfolio


Type Points price Money price Notes
Automatic billing 396 $4.95 Billed every month
1 month 396 $4.95 Available only when giving a gift
3 months 636 $7.95 Available only when giving a gift
12 months 2,396 $29.95 -
24 months 3,836 $47.95 Available only when buying for yourself

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