A Plz account  is a regular deviantART account but usually has plz at the end of it (for example Scuzzleplz) these accounts are created just for the ability to use them as images with :icon: code in comments/chats. It is uncertain when the first PLZ account was created, who created it, and what PLZ account was it.

Types of plz accountsEdit

There are three types of plz accounts. The first type of account includes PLZ accounts with a size of 50x50 pixels which is the size for regular member icons. The second type includes PLZ accounts with a size of 100x50 pixels, which is the size of a group icon. And the third type includes PLZ'es of various sizes, usually comprised of 50x50 pixel PLZ account combinations. They consist of many small icons and usually names like example1plz, example2plz and so on, for the purpose of sorting out the pieces to make a bigger picture.

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