Movie Time T-Shirt -- Grey

Movie Time T-Shirt -- Grey is a T-shirt sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Movie Time While art gets a lot of love on the internet, deviantART also celebrates "film." This piece goes out to all the people who are contributors to and fans of the film category both contemporary and historical. The grey T-Shirt in this series offers a greater focus on the graphic, allowing the viewer to respond to the contour of the design because of the contrasted values.

This design is also available as Movie Time T-Shirt -- Orange

Staff Favorite: “I love color, movies, and vintage things -- this tee has all three! It is fun and bright with a vintage vibe. Now if I only had pink hair like the model to match.” -- $sp0-0tted


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$18 1440 2012-11-15 Starting price

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