Llamahog Day Pack

Llamahog Day Pack was a collectible sold in deviantArtGEAR shop.


Too much llama for your Mama!! Unless your mom really likes llamas in which case this is the perfect amount of llama for her. Love you Mom!!

In the spirit of dA's own Llamahog Day, we want you to get llamanated! Get it? We’ve herded all of our llamas and have crammed them into one sweet pack. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is your Llamapack.


1 Llama Llama t-shirt to sport around town

1 Llama Keychain for your keys, belt, or just to hold in your pocket for good luck.

4 Llama stickers for your laptop, car, or spaceship.


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$? ? ? -

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