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khaoskai is a mangaka (a Japanese manga/comic creator) artist, model, and musician. He began his work as a mangaka and a freelance illustrator, where his works were published over several countries including Japan, The United States of America, France and Germany. He enjoys combining dark elements in his pieces and visual kei asthethics with mythical, longing themes. Besides that, he also enjoys ranging his work and likes to create fantasy settings with psychological elements. His manga ,“空般 伝説“ (Legend General Sky) has won the award of 2nd prize in MIRACLE JUMP magazine.

Personal lifeEdit

Khaoskai was born on January 8th and is now currently living in Germany. When he is not enjoying his primary artistic job, he is also a Visual Kei (V-kei) model for punk fashion throughout both Japan and Europe.  He is said to also enjoy music and is an avid Musician. Outside of work and sub-work, enjoys videogames. His favourite video game is "Red Dead Redemption". After moving from Japan to Germany. In 2014 he came out to the public as a homosexual and advocates it in many of his current works.

Ethnicity: German and Korean

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