Ink Fire Hoodie

Ink Fire Hoodie is a hoodie sold in deviantArtGEAR shop.


Ink Fire is the newest fire-related hoodie available here on deviantART, and not a moment too soon. What's that design on the back? Is it a guy with a sword? A girl with a paintbrush? A dragon attacking a seahorse with a bear triumphantly straddling them both? The concept is both open for your interpretation and easy on the eye. How many mystical shapes can YOU find in the Rorschach-like back? (The test, not the vigilante.) There's no wrong answer to this super-cozy riddle!


Hoodie Chest Width (1’’ below armhole)

S 42"

M 46"

L 49"

XL 53"

2XL 55"


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$35 2800 ? -

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