Groups logo found in group creation page.

Group is a community of deviantART users created by another user.

Group Creation Edit

When you create a group you need to choose a name, write a description, specify a location and/or group focus. As long as you aren't an admin in 3 groups, you can create even more groups (premium members can create up to 10). After filling out the form, you will need to wait for approval of your group.

Super Group Edit

Super group is a group that bought an upgrade. Groups with super group status has access to more features than normal groups (similar to premium membership for deviants)

History of Groups Edit

Originally, deviantART had no club feature of any kind. Deviants worked around this by creating club accounts that are shared among the club officers. Anyone wishing to make submissions to the club would have their deviation downloaded by the club officers and reuploaded to the club account with a link to the original deviation. Many issues arose from the management of club accounts, which included but are not limited to:

  • Deviants favoriting the club page for a deviation instead of the original deviation page.
  • Deviants leaving comments on the club page for a deviation instead of the original deviation page. Although some club officers have been considerate enough to disable comments on the club reuploads, many clubs do not and this causes frustrations with club members.
  • Betrayals among club officers lead to club accounts being taken over and vandalized by traitors.

Once deviantART implemented the Group feature, the site admins offered to convert club accounts into Groups for a limited time. In order to get a club account converted into a Group, the main club account holder must submit an appeal for conversion via a support ticket. It is only during this conversion period when free users are able to manage more than 10 Groups.

Deviations that were reuploaded to a club account will continue to have that artwork attributed to the converted Group rather than the original deviant. However, any new submissions to the converted Group will begin having the submission linked back to the original deviation page through the Group gallery. It is up to the Group officers to go through the Group gallery and purge all reuploads in order to faithfully redirect visitors to the original deviation page of Group submissions. Some converted Groups choose not to purge their galleries, so those reuploads can still be found attributed to the Groups rather than the deviants that originally created them.

Make-a-group page Edit

The make-a-group page is actually a group. You can access their badges through this link There is just one journal entry (link), and the founder of this group is $Heidi

Trivia Edit

  • Make-a-group doesn't appear in admins groups list on their profile. You can see the admins here .
  • Bots that review groups are autobob2 and autobob3 [citation needed].