Groups logo found in group creation page.

Group is a community of deviantART users created by another user.

Group creationEdit

When you create a group you need to choose a name, write a description, specify a location and/or group focus. As long as you aren't an admin in 3 groups, you can create even more groups (premium members can create up to 10). After filling out the form, you will need to wait for approval of your group.

Super GroupEdit

Super group is a group that bought an upgrade. Groups with super group status has access to more features than normal groups (similar to premium membership for deviants)

Make-a-group pageEdit

The make-a-group page is actually a group. You can access their badges through this link There is just one journal entry (link), and the founder of this group is $Heidi


  • Make-a-group doesn't apear in admins groups list on their profile. You can see the admins here .
  • Bots that review groups are autobob2 and autobob3 [citation needed].

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