Creation date

January 5th, 2012



Group Focus


FreeGiveaways is a group that collects various giveaways and contest around deviantART and also hosts them as well. The groups Giveaway were funded by ViralRemix, who before the group would host his own Giveaways on his page. His idea was to expand to group so that people could hopefully also submit their own giveaways while he still hosted his own through the group, so that people who were interested in his giveaways could expand and get more opertunities delivered to their inboxes.

The group was a massive success, which gained 4,000 members in their first year alone and 5,000 watchers, their first month being one of their best with hundreds and hundreds of Deviants joining. Progress eventually slowed throughout the year, but the group continued to grow.

TaNa-Jo joined the group after a few months and provided design skills on the page layout, while Shiilus handled the CSS and HTML.

One of the large problems with the group is that unfortunately it is spammed with contests and commissions which break the giveaway rule. They also have a problem with people not reading their rules at all, thus on November 3rd, 2012 they enforced a rule that a journal they linked to on their front page containing their rules, which has a password, must be read and confirmed through the admission. This has improved the groups quality since.

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