Fella and Llama Defending

Fella and Llama Defending is a hoodie sold in deviantGEAR shop.


Okay this is my 8-bit Design Submission, called Fella and Llama Defending.

What inspired me to enter this contest was, I grew up playing those 8-bit games, on my old NES, I still remember those days where I would spend hours and hours playing these 8-bit games, and at the time I thought the graphics were amazing. :) And till this day I still love playing games, I guess i will be a gamer for life.

But yeah all those creatures and characters from those 8bit games I used to play inspired me to create a fun and colorful design, which came out better than what I first thought up in my brain.

I have the ever popular Fella and Super LLama defending their points with fireballs from the evil Ninja and the greedy Pirate, and at the bottom I added all the emoticons from dA, which added a nice touch to the overall design.

Program used: Illustrator CS5 Total Time: 23 Hours (yes square by painful

And I wanted to thank all the people who voted for my design, I really and greatly appreciate all the support, from my fellow deviants.


Dollars price Points price Date Notes
$40 3200 - -
$30.00 2400 2012-07-21 25% off ALL Bags, Hoodies, and Jackets

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