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September 17, 2010

Eitvys200 (real name Eitvydas) is a male photographer and digital artist from Lithuania. He enjoys helping the community and being a "guiding light" towards members old and new. Joined DA on September 17, 2010, didn't post anything until early 2011. Got seniority on July, 2014.



Depiction of Tie

Started as photographer and later picked up pixel art. Spent a lot of his time creating several different emoticons (and other various pixel art) which all seem to focus around an emoticon who is a deep green with a small, red bowtie. In most deviations, the Emoticon is simply refered to as "Tie".


Eitvys200 was/is an admin of a lot of groups.

This is the lists of groups he was part of:

Current groups:

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